Earthcreations is a team of Construction specialists who focus on Demolitions, Earthworks and Landscaping, all working to exceed expectations and redefine the way people think about these services.

Meet Dustin Armstong, Owner

Dustin Armstrong, Canadian born but passionate about Perth he established Earthcreations 8 years ago. 

I created Earthcreations because of my passion for the Australian outdoor lifestyle and culture. I started with a particular focus on entertaining areas, back yards, front yards and gardens and have expanded from there. More than seven years on and we have moved our specialisation into helping boutique builders, builders, surveyors or residential landowners with demolition, earthworks, retaining walls, fencing and landscaping contraction. 
My team and I take our business very seriously and treat the homes or projects of our clients with a great deal of respect and attention to detail. My crew share my work ethic and vision for achieving the best possible solution and finished job for our clients.


About us - EarthcreationsDemolition | Earthworks | Landscaping

Working across the Perth metro area and beyond, we deliver a range of services to help you realise your site's true potential. We offer traditional landscaping design and construction, earthworks and excavation, limestone construction and retaining walls, fencing and residential demolition.

Earthcreations are not your average demolition team. That's a good thing because we have no intention of being average. Our vision is to change your perception of our trade and elevate your expectations.

Our team are united and driven by Canadian Dustin Armstrong. Dustin works with you to create a vision for your site that is matched by his passion and professionalism. His approach is unique and one that every member of his team is trained to follow, creating a level of professionalism and teamwork that is rare in this trade.

The Earthcreations approach is based on the development of creative solutions delivered with trust and integrity and backed by an impressive work ethic.