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We have worked on hundreds of demolition and earthworks jobs across Perth and Western Australia. We have come across many of these demolition questions and have compiled a list to assist you. 


We often get this question, and we are very transparent when it comes to costs. But several elements need to be considered

The cost to demolish a house Perth- The cost of demolishing a house in Perth has an approximate range of $10,000 - $25,000. It usually is not just the house that we are demolishing. Often, the entire site needs to be cleared and what surrounds your building structure also impacts on the cost of demolition. 

How much asbestos needs to be removed and disposed of?
How many trees need to be dug out and disposed of?
Is there any old septic tanks and leach drains to be decommissioned?
Does the house have a pool?
Is the pool concrete or fibreglass?
What is the size of the house?
What can be salvaged and recycled from the house?
What is the access to the property to load the trucks?
Do we need traffic control to complete the demolition?
Has the house been in a fire? Or is it termite damaged and unsafe to climb on?
How close is the house to boundaries or neighbouring properties?Include a helpful and informative answer to the frequently asked question here.

Earthcreations are able to run asbestos removal in perth. Our team follows strict saftey protocols for the removal of asbestos as well as the rubble removal and recycling. 

When we do a free site visit to build your quote, we asses what elements could go to the salvage yard or can be repurposed or recycled. 

Concrete and dirt disposal generally get recycled into clean fill or recycled road base. Some of our other services include: 

- Tile waste disposal
- Cement recycling 
- Salvage building materials 
- Brick rubble disposal
- Site clearing