Demolition In Perth

At Earthcreations, we take care in the things we destroy. As an experienced Perth demolition company, we offer a wide range of demolition services and are capable of completing even the most challenging projects. Specialising in house demolition in Perth, as well as landscape design and construction, we’re a one stop shop for anyone looking to revitalise their home.

We practice only the safest methods of demolition in Perth and throughout the surrounding metropolitan areas, rigorously following state and industry health and safety regulations as well as our own OHS procedures. All of our demolition contractors in Perth have undergone specialist training and work to the highest level of safety standards.

Earthcreations is a leading demolition company in Perth and this is because we’re a fully servicing landscape design and construction company combined. Equipped with a menu of services, we’re able to offer complete turn-key landscape solutions that other demolition companies in Perth cannot. This combined with our impressive work ethic and dedication to exceeding client expectations, makes us the preferred demolition contractors in Perth.


  • Residential demolition.
  • Licenced asbestos removal.
  • Full or partial demolitions.

Residential Demolition

Our residential demolition services can range from as minor as removing a shed, garage or car port to as major as eradicating the entire house. We offer comprehensive house demolition services in Perth and are equipped to completely clear a site and prime the plot of land for new development. We’re one of the only demolition companies that also specialise in landscape design and construction, this equips us with an understanding of your whole project and allows us to work in sync with your building plans. When you choose Earthcreations for your house demolition, you’re getting more than just you’re average Perth demolition company. You’re getting landscaping experts who understand the bigger picture!

Demolition Contractors in Perth

Our team of fully trained demolition contractors deliver exceptional work to a large number of projects throughout WA. We’re equipped with a range of excavators and Bobcats that range from 1 ton to 20 tonnes as well as trucks that range from 3.5 to 14 tonnes, allowing us to complete residential demolition of small to medium size.

We’re one of the most reputable demolition companies in Perth and it’s because our team of professional demolition contractors manage each job from start to finish, ensuring the entire project runs smoothly and timely.

We understand better than anyone how stressful residential and house demolition in Perth can be. Which is why we insist that you leave all the hard work to us. We’re experts at Perth demolition and can prepare the land in accordance to all requirements.

If you’d like to work with a leading demolition company, call Earthcreations, one of the most trusted demolition companies in Perth, on 0407 746 398. We have many years of experience in the Perth demolition and construction industry and are more than happy answer any questions you may have and give our expert advice. Contact us today and have the best demolition company in WA on the job!